The full minutes of the recent IRC Congress are now published, download them here (PDF)

A summary of the IRC 2013 Rule changes can be downloaded here (PDF)

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Delegates will meet for the International IRC Congress 2012 on 13/14 October in Windsor, UK, representing a number of IRC Countries from around the world.

Minutes and documents from the meeting will be published on this website, once finalised following the meeting.

Several Sailmakers have intentionally attempted to circumvent IRC rules 2.4 and 2.5 by developing headsail foot shelf profiles that artificially reduce the headsail measurements, reducing the IRC rating without a corresponding reduction in performance. To do this the curve of the foot is exaggerated to create a far larger foot shelf than required. This means that the measured tack point and clew point are not extended, and therefore move up the luff and leech, artificially reducing the sail’s dimensions.

IRC Rule Notice 2012/02 addresses this issue with the introduction of headsail Foot Offset.

Previous IRC Notices and Interpretations

RORC has produced some simplified instructions for owners who wish to measure their own rig or sails for a non-Endorsed certificate.  (Although note that we usually recommend obtaining the sail measurements from the sailmaker who made them, to avoid the necessity and inconvenience of measuring them yourself!)

Simplified Measurement Guides

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