Notice 2014/01
Spinnakers Set Reefed


Is it permissible under IRC to race with a spinnaker set reefed?


1. A spinnaker may be set reefed by any means while racing under IRC provided that when measured in any reefed condition it continues to satisfy the IRC definition of a spinnaker:

Spinnaker RRS 50.4 shall not apply. A spinnaker is defined as a sail set forward of the foremost mast with half width (measured as a spinnaker) equal to or greater than 75% of foot length and without battens.

2. A spinnaker which may be set reefed shall be measured unreefed.

3. For the purposes of IRC Rule 21.6.1, a spinnaker which may be set reefed is counted as 1 spinnaker.

IRC Technical Committee
May 2014

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