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We have been receiving an increasing number of enquiries about the effect on IRC rating if items of fitted interior are removed, in particular from production boats, ie. tables, doors, floorboards etc. The removal of such items is discouraged, as it is not within the spirit of the IRC rule.



IRC Rule 27 states:


27.1 The rated parameters assume that the boat is fitted out at least to the production specification and/or to the condition when last measured/inspected. If another rating certificate is being used as the basis for data then any changes since the issue of that certificate shall be notified to the rating authority.


27.2 Stripped out interiors, light and hi-tech structures, removal of furniture or other fitted equipment, etc. may lead to the application of higher than standard hull factor to compensate for potential increase in performance. Such features shall be declared to the rating authority.




The removal of fitted standard items SHALL BE DECLARED and, in addition to any decrease in weight, may incur an increase to Hull Factor as follows:

- table + 0.1

- any other items + 0.1 each


eg. a production boat from which the table, floorboards and 2 doors were removed could have the hull factor increased by 0.1 (table) + 0.1 (floorboards) + 0.1 (door 1) + 0.1 (door 2) = total HF increase 0.4.


NON-PRODUCTION BOATS (one-off's etc.)

The same may apply as for Production boats if changes are made to the accommodation and/or interior since the last application or information supplied for rating.


Full details of the items removed and their respective weights shall be advised to the rating office.


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