IRC Rule changes 2016 – a summary
• Rule 8.1 now includes a minimum LH of 5.00m to be eligible for an IRC rating (excepting boats previously rated)
• Bulb Weight will now be recorded on a boat’s certificate where applicable, and Bulb Weight has been added to Rule 8.10.1 and the definitions.
• Abbreviations for some sail measurements (LLmax, LL, LP, SF) have been updated but the definitions are unchanged.
• The rule about setting multiple headsails simultaneously has been simplified, and new cutter rig definitions added.
• IRC notice 2014/01 relating to reefing of spinnakers is now included as part of the spinnaker definition.
• The definition of a Dayboat now includes an upper LH limit of 10.00m.
• Rule 21.1.6 is extended to include moving the mast at foot or deck level for Dayboats.
• Rule 9.8 rating review limits are amended in respect of weights.
• A number of detail changes have been made throughout the text to correct typographical errors and inconsistencies in terminology, and the definitions have been re-ordered in categories for clarity.

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