IRC 2017 Rule 19.6 is corrected to read:

19.6 Any material in the keel fin of a keel type 10, 11 or 12 with a specific gravity greater than 8.0 (eg. lead) shall be declared in writing.

The rule text and rule changes document have been updated on the Rules & Definitions page 

IRC Technical Committee
15 December 2016

spinlock irc logo words sRE: JPK 10.80 and JPK 10.10 Length of Hull (LH) Measurement
BY: James Dadd & Jean Sans
DATE: 22nd June 2016

Download PDF version   (includes French version on p.2)

Following check measurements made during the past few weeks it has become apparent that the current standard hull data for the JPK 10.80 was potentially incorrect. As such both the RORC Rating Office and UNCL Centre de Calcul have worked together, along with the builder JPK to carry out further measurements on both existing JPK 10.80s and currently in-build JPK 10.80 yachts.

irc cert sample 160519A security date watermark will be printed across all valid Spinlock IRC certificates issued from 19 May 2016. This will make it quick and easy to identify a valid certificate (or copy certificate) issued by RORC or UNCL.

Current, valid certificates issued before 19 May 2016 are still valid and will not be reprinted.

Trial certificates will not include the watermark.

Regarding the new Cutter Rig definitions in the IRC Rule, when is a boat 'on a beat to windward'?

Rule 18.1(a), Mark-Room: When Rule 18 Applies
Rule 42.3(c), Propulsion: Exceptions
A boat is ‘on a beat to windward’ when the course she would sail to finish as soon as possible in the absence of all other boats is a close-hauled course or above.

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