p.10  IRC Nationals results should read:

(IRC SZ and IRC 0 are correct)

IRC1: Marinerscove.ie, IRL39000, Mills 39, David Dwyer

IRC2: No Chance, GBR1352R, First 35, Chris & Hanna Neve

IRC2: Anchor Challenge, GBR506R, Quarter Tonner, Louise Morton.


p.50 & 51 DefinitionsSee Rule Change 


p.56  sidebar.  Delete "2010"


Following consultation and agreement with the IRC Policy Steering Group, the IRC Technical Committee has decided that the following changes to IRC Rules for 2010 and 2011 will take effect from 00:01 on Monday 20th December 2010.


The substantive effect of the changes below is that FL and J are always measured to the permanent forestay. In addition, it is clarified that a headsail may be hoisted and tacked from outside the foretriangle.

For more information please click here.

UPDATE 21 June 2010: This has now been corrected and the updated version can be downloaded from the Technical section of this website.

Please note that there is an error in the latest IRC measurement manual regarding the measurement of ‘y' for counter stern boats.

On page 14 the drawing for counter sterns should be the same as in the IRC Yearbook, as shown HERE (PDF)

We apologise for any confusion caused.

RORC Rating Office & UNCL Centre de Calcul

3 June 2010

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