The following Rule changes come into effect on 1st January 2014 (1st June 2014 for South certification year).

  • Rule 8.2.1 is amended to clarify that short handed boats may be included in the overall results of a race.
  • Rule 9.6 is amended to clarify from what point a rating protest is applicable.
  • Following a change to the RRS, a new IRC definition of Stored Power is added and referenced in Rule 15.
  • Rules 13.1, 22.1 and 22.2 have been re-written to be clearer and more logical without changes in meaning.
  • Rule 21.3.5 is deleted as redundant and potentially misleading in that it is repeated in other rules using different wording.
  • The definition of LP is amended to formally incorporate IRC Notice 01/2013 clarifying measurement of LP for boats that may set more than one headsail simultaneously.

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