Headsail HUW default size

Those of you revalidating your 2012 certificate for 2013 will have noted that it is acceptable to use a default HUW (Headsail Upper 7/8 Width) for existing headsails. The default size depends on the overlap of the headsail, and is related to the HTW (Headsail 3/4 Width), and is calculated as follows:

For overlapping headsails with LP/J greater than 1.10, the default is HTW x 0.50.

For non‐overlapping headsails with LP/J 1.10 or smaller, the default is HTW x 0.56.

These default sizes are based on actual measured data for a significant number of sails, and any variation from the default will have a very small effect on rating.

For all newly measured sails we now need the HUW to be declared.

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