Although all certificates are processed either by RORC or UNCL, the administration of IRC applications is undertaken by the Rule Authority in each country, where available (IRC Rule 4.1 defines Rating Authority (RORC/UNCL) and Rule Authority).

Therefore the application forms for IRC rating certificates are available from individual Rule Authorities, either on their websites or by e-mail.  Application forms are not published on this website.

Your Rule Authority is in effect the local IRC agent. They will be able to help you regarding applications, measurements, any local policies regarding weighing and measurement, or any IRC queries you have (if they don't know the answer, they will ask RORC or UNCL on your behalf).  

 Please note IRC Rule 8.13: “Irrespective of where a boat is registered, she shall apply for her IRC certificates to the appointed IRC Rule Authority in the country in which she predominantly races. Exceptionally, with the agreement of the Rating Authority, she may apply through another Rule Authority.”

To find your relevant Rule Authority, please select the country where your boat is predominantly based for racing, from the drop-down list below.

If you cannot find your country, please select the last option on the list, thank you.

Or search on our Rule Authority map (linked from Contacts menu)


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If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact the RORC Rating Office
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