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Trentadue is the summary of experience and development for almost twenty years of Sebastian Carlini’s yacht design career and is the first boat designed for IRC racing in Argentina.  Innovation and creativity have guided this exciting design, and an ‘out of the box’ concept and innovative avant-garde lines define this new IRC sailboat.

The RORC Rating Office and the RYA in Great Britain have recenly completed a countrywide tour of yacht clubs and marinas where the discussion has been based around getting more people into our sport. All of us see marinas full of boats of which only a handful can be seen on the water in evening races and weekend events throughout the year. A large number of these boats rarely seem to leave the marinas, and many don’t join the local yacht club or use their facilities, simply finding a good local pub, or bar attached to the marina office instead. Many have also never given racing a try. So the purpose of the seminars has been to try and understand where these potential fellow competitors are, and why they aren’t coming out to play.

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The International IRC Rating Rule, jointly owned by the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) and l’Union Nationale pour la Course au Large (UNCL) will be attracting boats from all over the world to the port of Crosshaven in Ireland this year. From 10th to 15th July 2016 the Inaugural European IRC Championship will be take place during the already well-established and popular Volvo Cork Week hosted by the Royal Cork YC, the world’s oldest yacht club.

You may have seen a press release this week (14 March) by the ORC following a visit to Ireland. Please see the following RORC response. 

We read with interest, and some confusion, the press release by the ORC [published on 15th March re visit to Ireland] and feel very strongly that the information put forward by Dobbs Davies, Chairman of ORC’s Promotion and Development Committee, needs correcting.

Have you ever wondered about the history and progress of the International IRC rating system, formerly known as the Channel Handicap System?  Or how the Rule has developed and expanded since its inception in 1984?

Jenny Howells, Technical Manager at the RORC Rating Office, has put together a brief history of the rating rule, and the Rating Office.

CHS / IRC and RORC Rating Office Timeline

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