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A large number of amateur sailors find it hard to commit to a full on racing campaign due to work and family commitments, and some yacht owners are put off racing by the cost and the logistics of putting together a crew; but an initiative which addresses these issues has become the biggest of all racing classes on Dublin Bay. Racing under IRC a large number of cruising yachts are getting off their moorings into the White Sail racing fleet.

by Louay Habib                                       

Nestling in the Gulf of Thailand is one of the most beautiful islands on the planet and yes, they do have a regatta which is run under IRC and it is becoming very popular. The first Koh Samui Regatta was in 2001 with only 11 boats, but the event has grown and this year 30 boats raced in the beautiful waters around Samui, on a mixture of courses including windward leeward and a round the island race. 

by Louay Habib 

4th-7th June 2009

Deauville is described as the St. Tropez of northern France, and like the well known resort in the south the seaside town on the Normandy coast is the home of glamorous pursuits including; a film festival, horse and motor racing and probably one of the most fabulous casinos of the region. Deauville boasts a fine sandy beach, leafy avenues and the town is characterised by some stunning architecture.

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Calves Week takes place in West Cork in Ireland every year around the first bank holiday in August;  the three Calf  islands give the regatta its name, and it is a celebration of yachting in a beautiful part of Ireland where everybody is welcome to join in what ever their ability or style of yacht. The competitors view some spectacular scenery along the awe inspiring west coast of Ireland and visit some idyllic towns on remote islands.

By Louay Habib

Tom Bombadil, Bad Toad, Bandit, Bullet, Runaway Bus, Purple Haze, Odd Job....just some of the eccentric names for a class of yacht that is now nearly 40 years old but has shown an amazing re-birth in recent times.

This year, the Quarter Ton Class lists a staggering 117 boats on its register and many are expected to be racing this year - under IRC.

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