Louay Habib interviews Mike Urwin, joint Chairman of the IRC Technical Committee, on some detail technical aspects of IRC.

LH:     One objective of IRC is to provide a rating that will allow the existing fleet to be competitive while not being a disincentive to development - a delicate balancing act and one that is more important than ever in the current environment. Would you like to comment on the 2012 rating changes designed to change the balance between boats with non overlapping headsails and designs with overlapping headsails?

MU:    Recent years have seen a steady trend towards new designs having non-overlapping headsails. This, and the trend among some boats originally designed with overlapping headsails to convert to a non-overlapping configuration, has prompted sail designers to develop improved designs for these sails in lighter airs. Allied with the fact that modern sailcloth is better able to deal with the higher loads in tall, high aspect ratio sails, this has changed the balance slightly in favour of the non overlappers.

by Louay Habib

 With less than four months to go to the start of Ireland’s most prestigious yachting regatta, competitors are relishing the thought of returning to Crosshaven for Cork Week. The oldest yacht club in the world, the Royal Cork, is getting ready for the big event and the club is in great shape, as Cork Week Chairman, Pat Lyons explains.


by Louay Habib

Sunday 21st August – Friday 26th August 2011  

Organised by Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, Cowes in cooperation with the Half Ton Class Europe

The Half Ton Cup was established in 1966 and later flourished under the IOR rating rule until 1993. The cup was a prized possession the world over - winning skippers and designers of Half Tonners read like a who’s who of the major figures in yacht racing, at the time and for decades to follow. The Half Ton Cup often attracted over 50 entries and was staged in France, Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Greece, Finland and Spain. The last Half Ton Cup held under IOR was in Bayonne, Spain in 1993.

Two's company

Louay Habib interviews Cathy Crawley, Racing Secretary for the RSYC, about their highly successful Double Handed events

Double handed racing at Royal Southampton Yacht Club is characterised by great craic on and off the water. It's 30 years since Neil Cox of Solent Rigging organised the first Double Handed racing at RSYC. Since then, the series has continued without a break and grown in popularity to quite extra-ordinary levels, with as many as 140 boats competing at events organized between April and October.

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