Have you got your season ticket to the races?

Would like to join in your club's summer series, or take part in one of the classic regattas? If you want to compete in any of the huge number of club or international races taking place around the world it is likely that you'll need the 'season ticket' that is an IRC rating.

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In 2014 your IRC rating gains you entry to IRC's 30th birthday party, with IRC racing in over 30 countries from the UK to mainland Europe, the Americas, Australasia and Asia.

As RORC Technical Manager Jenny Howells points out, "IRC is an International rating system that produces a single time corrector (TCC) based on physical measurements and features of the boat, so there is no change to your rating when you race at a different club, or depending on the results of your last event. Your 'season ticket' can therefore be used in IRC classes worldwide."

The party's on the water – see you there!