Mike Greville, Commodore of the Royal Ocean Racing Club interview with Louay Habib.

“My primary aim during my tenure as Commodore is to ensure that the Club is left in at least as strong a position as it is today - in terms of its standing in the yacht racing world, its attractiveness to members and its financial stability. Those strengths should be sustainable for the future with the next succession of leadership and management in place.  

“I don't think that there is much wrong with the Club as it is today and indeed the outlook for its core activities is good; the membership is stable, its racing programme is popular, the Clubhouse is active and its other activities, such as the Rating Office are successful. The Club's finances are in good shape and we have just completed a major investment in the fabric of the Clubhouse. This is not to say that we can be complacent, or that maintaining this situation is not without its challenges, or indeed that there are not opportunities for development which should be considered. However, I do firmly believe in the principle that if it isn’t broken, don't try to fix it.”

Read the full interview with Mike Greville http://www.rorc.org/2012-club-news/introducing-the-rorc-commodore-mike-greville.html

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