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Here is a quick reminder of what to include when promoting and reporting on your fabulous IRC event! 
DON'T FORGET to mention IRC rating when talking about your event - some of those reading about it won't know which rating system you are using.
Regatta promotion PR
  • Dates and duration
  • Early bird entry date / entries closing date, if applicable
  • Sponsor name
  • Organising Club
  • Rating or Handicap system(s) used.
  • Summary of classes offered eg. ‘IRC, local handicap (dual-scored), one-design and dinghies’
  • Types of racing and courses (of course these will be varied, not 5 days of W/L…)
  • Summary of social programme eg. ‘..from BBQs to cocktail parties’
  • Other selling points specific to the event (eg. beautiful area, nationally acclaimed racing, coincides with school holidays – why not bring the family?)
  • Link to website with race documents and other details
  • “Why YOU should enter this event!”
  • Lengthy quotes from eg. sponsors, the local mayor
  • Irrelevant information that distracts from the main message
Regatta report PR
  • Approximate number of boats that raced if it was significant.
  • Brief overview of conditions and type of courses run
  • Name of top placed boats in each class & any other prizes awarded, with link to full results
  • Rating or Handicap system used.
  • A fun round up of the social scene
  • Sell the event for next year!
  • “Why YOU should be here next time…”
  • Tack-by-tack report on the races
  • Lengthy quotes

Have a great event!

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