There appears to be some misunderstanding regarding the spinnaker pole/bowsprit rule change.

If a bowsprit boat decides to carry a spinnaker pole as well, the IRC rating will increase, but will not incur the additional penalty which previously applied.   Effectively the boat would rate as if it had a spinnaker pole of the same length as the bowsprit, which would be higher than a bowsprit of
that length.

If owners of bowsprit boats are thinking of adding a spinnaker pole we suggest that a trial is run to determine the effect on TCC.

We apologise for any confusion!


Jenny Howells

Technical Secretary


STL replaces the previously named SPL - Spinnaker Pole Length.


A measurement must be supplied for any spinnaker pole, whisker pole, bowsprit, or the distance to the spinnaker tack point on the deck, whichever is the greatest.  Please read the full definition.


Errata: On the drawing on page 43 of the IRC 2002 yearbook, "SPL" should read "STL".

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