Most of the changes to IRC Rules for 2008 are related to detail ‘administrative’ issues which at a day to day level will have little or no immediate effect. There are however some more substantive changes as outlined below.

1. The addition of ‘appendages’ follows the loss of a boat during 2007 and has no practical effect.

2. Rules 9.6 and 19.6 related to certificate validity are now explicitly linked.

3. Rule 17.7 now gives precedence to IRC Rules over one design class rules and is explicitly linked to Rule 27.4.2 which has been edited to clarify that it addresses crew limitations only.

4. Rules 19.1 and 19.2 are modified to clarify the process for rating reviews.

5. New Rule 20.4 permits a protest committee to decide whether or not a boat whose certificate has been invalidated under Rule 19.6 should be penalised.

6. The minimum values of MUW, MTW and MHW used in the calculation of mainsail area given by Rule 26.5.4 are reduced to produce greater equity for boats with smaller roach mainsails.

7. In response to developments in headsail design, Headsail three-quarter width (HTW) is introduced and Rule 26.7 amended to incorporate HTW into the calculation of headsail area.

8. Rule 27.3.4 is deleted as redundant being effectively repeated by Rule 14.1.

9. The amendment to IRC Rule 28.2 formalises current practice. ‘RORC STIX’ and ‘RORC Design Category’ will in future be referred to as ‘IRC STIX’ and ‘IRC Design Category’.

10. IRC 2007 Notice 1 is incorporated into IRC Rules by the introduction of a definition of Battens and amendment of the definition of spinnakers.

11. The definition of y is amended, without substantive effect, to correct historic errors

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