rc600 timwright1The recent announcement of the 2017 Western Caribbean Series reinforces the position of the International IRC rating rule in the Caribbean and southern USA. With the easing of travel restrictions to Cuba for American sailors in December 2014 after 50 years, clubs in the area are welcoming the new opportunities for offshore races.  

IRC sailors will be spoiled for choice in the north western Caribbean in early 2017 with different offshore options to choose from after Quantum Key West Race Week in January.

As well as the Western Caribbean Series, comprising the Pineapple Cup (Miami to Montego Bay) followed by the inaugural Cuba Cup (Montego Bay to Havana), a shorter option is the Miami to Havana Race. These events extend IRC’s reach into Cuba, and Jamaica where clubs are already looking at IRC for their local racing.

rc600 timwright1
Image: RC600 2016 RORC/Tim Wright

On the other side of the Caribbean, IRC is used for scoring the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s Caribbean 600 which is now an established long distance race with a growing, high profile entry list racing around the south eastern Caribbean islands.

2017 Western Caribbean Series http://www.pineapplecup.com/ 
Miami to Havana http://www.havanarace.org/ 
RORC Caribbean 600 http://caribbean600.rorc.org/ 

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